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Our Top 4 Suggestions For This Year

1. Download the FREE Affiliate Masters Course e-book.
2. FREE Sign up for MPAM/PWI
3. FREE Sign up for The Traffic Jam Formula
4. Turn any Domain Name into a business. Want To Know More...?

First on the list:

What does affiliate success boil down to? Let's start... at the beginning!

The number #1 challenge for all affiliates...

Build a Web site...

    that builds targeted traffic...

       that causes visitors to click through...

          with a warm, open-to-buy attitude...

             to merchant sites that you represent.


There is an endless labyrinth of possible software and information/advice offered
on the Net. I'm not sure which is worse... the overpriced products that underdeliver,
or all the free info available, most of which does not work so it costs you something
more valuable even than money... your time.

The Affiliate Masters Course.

This FREE 10-DAY course focuses 100% on helping you,
the affiliate, succeed. It leads you, step by digestible step,
day by day, through a flawless process...

    ... from developing a Site Concept

       ... to brainstorming hundreds of profitable related keywords

          ... to building a themed site

             ... to generating motivated, targeted traffic that wants to click on your
recommendations, links to the related products sold by merchants you represent.

Click here to Download the FREE Affiliate Masters Course e-book.
670 Kb - Windows and MacOs

You are about to download a zipped file ("Aff-Masters.zip"). Save it to your desktop.
After you have downloaded, unzip it.

Why would SiteSell.com, the originators of this course, give it all away?
Because they're hoping that you'll buy their truly excellent product, Site Build It! (SBI!).
You do not have to, of course. (As a matter of fact... aside from delivering the course
itself, SiteSell will never contact you again!)

All the info you need to execute a powerful, successful strategy is contained in the
Masters Course.
Nothing is held back -- I was amazed at the great ideas and
the perfect process, laid out in an organized and do-able manner.

And while I do totally endorse SBI! as The Perfect Affiliate Business-Builder,
you may well find that the course itself is really all you need --

Second on the list

MPAM/PWI or massive passive advertising machine / Prosperity With Integrity.
There are 5 main courses offered through MPAM/PWI;

Basics Course
This course teaches you about the hardware and software that is recommended
so that you don稚 end up having difficulties. It also teaches you about
organization, email accounts, your identification online, RSS, and currencies.
There is also a glossary of internet and internet marketing terms available
within this course.

Traffic Course
This course teaches you about rotators and how to use them and how to build
your mailing list. It also teaches you how to generate traffic using traffic
exchanges, banner exchanges, ffa leads, and safelists.

Income Streams Course
Within this course you値l learn how you can write articles for money and how
to earn money through affiliate programs and online stores. You値l also learn
how you can earn money through site ads that are within MPAM/PWI. Along with
that you値l learn about ads that pay and be given access to mini-sites that
you can use to earn even more money.

20 Steps Course
This course teaches you how to build a niche targeted website that you値l
update on a regular basis that will be spidered by search engines, linked
to the millions of MgrCentral niche sites, updates given within your blog,
and have articles written by you or others. You will be shown how to earn
money through Google Adsense and Search. You値l also be shown how to gain
valuable link partners and generate your own mailing list.

20 Steps Plus Course
With these lessons you値l learn about keywords, merchant affiliate programs,
monetizing articles, gaining one-way backward links, data feed processing,
advanced search engine optimization, PPC advertising using Adwords and others.

Third on the list

The Traffic Jam Formula

I promise that what you're about to read, you will find NOWHERE
ELSE on the web. Because The Traffic Jam Formula is 100% UNIQUE,
not some regurgitated rubbish that doesn't work.

I promise that, if you follow the simple methods I'm about to
outline, you can pull hundreds of thousands of visitors (or more)
to the website(s) of your choice.

I promise I will show you how you can turn this information into
a 100% PROFIT INCOME in less than one hour from NOW.

TheTrafficJam Formula has been accepted as the definitive reference
to Website Traffic for almost three years now.

TheTrafficJam Formula is up-to-date and has undergone its fifth and
most radical revision, not just in content but in delivery and resale.

Today, TheTrafficJam Formula still contains all the magic ingredients
to pull one million visitors to the web site of your choice.

Today, TheTrafficJam Formula is 100% rebrandable. (YOU get ALL the links)

Today, you can give away TheTrafficJam Formula and I'll add the
recipients to your subscriber list automatically.

Today, you can sell TheTrafficJam Formula and add those recipients
to your subscriber list too. (I've automated that as well)

Today, you can sell the rights to rebrand TheTrafficJam Formula
and you get to keep 100% of the resale price (which YOU decide).

And you don't even need your own website because, as a TrafficJam
Partner, I'm going to do it all for you.

You want to know more?
Go profit!

Fourth on the list

Turn any Domain Name into a Business!

Got NetFluence...?

Want To Know More...?

Once Again Those Four Opportunities Are:

1. Download the FREE Affiliate Masters Course e-book.
2. FREE Sign up for MPAM/PWI
3. FREE Sign up for The Traffic Jam Formula
4. Turn any Domain Name into a business. Want To Know More...?

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